I have been searching for my kind of lamps for many years. This has been hard to find, so I began to experiment with old glass parts.

The whole concept was from the start that all elements (except skeletal and electric) should be parts that would normally would be hidden or thrown away.

I have searched flea markets and second-hand stores at home and abroad to find items that can fit in new lamps. All glass bowls, dishes, vases, domes and ashtrays are of interest, especially "weird" items and items in special colours.

I also make lamps on order based on your existing vases and glass elements.

It is a demanding process to design and it is risky to drill the glass for the lamps. Some elements are therefore broken in the process.

All the lamps are handmade with old glass. Some with matching wear and tear - that is the perfect "Vintage look".


Each lamp is unique and a work of art in itself

From idea to finished lamp

The development of the lamps is a long process, which is initially based on the raw material available. This can be obtained from old ashtrays, vases, barrels and other.

Different combinations of the lamp foot are tested before I get the perfect combination and structure.

Each element is then drilled, cleaned and mounted on the skeleton structure before everything is assembled and the electrical structure is connected.

The skeleton structure is new and made of steel. Everything in the skeleton construction and the electric is new and based on standard EU approved solutions. I get a little help on the electrical part of the construction. All lamps are CE marked and approved accordingly.


Anne Rosvold